School Camps

The ULTIMATE bush camp experience

Children are born naturalists. They explore the world with all of their senses, experiment in the environment and communicate their discoveries to those around them.

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More than 20 Bush Style Activities to choose from

A wholesome, tasty, home made food menu

Come for a Day Excursion, or stay for a Bush Camp Out

Located a short scenic drive from Geraldton, this truly unique venue with huge camping grounds is a place where teachers, parents and students will thrive. There is an extensive range of activities aimed at giving people a glimpse of living in the bush while gaining and improving co-operation and communication.

Our range of bush activities help build contemporary skills. In a world where many of the activities geared for children come in app format, the outdoors can help kids gain important skills including gross motor, balance and co-ordination. Each activity will invite children to use their minds and bodies in a way that will help them grow into skilled, co-ordinated and strong adults.

Let’s not forget co-operation and communication. Learning how to communicate well and work with others toward a common goal is a skill set that will benefit your students their entire lives. It will also stimulate their confidence to take part in group discussions and personal challenges.

Participants will build on their own strengths and broaden their confidence through participation in individual and team activities.

For the LOVE of kids

Our family team are passionate about creating memorable adventures at every bush camp. We value the commitment and investment made with us, and in return our team do all the work to tailor a bush camp program for you. Camp duration’s can be from one day to one week, or longer if you require.

Our team has formed the activities and catering offered around the fun shared with our extensive, combined, 100+ family members. Their love of the bush, camping, exploring, fun and wholesome food enables us to continually come up with new ideas and share them.

Each of our activities and catering options have been tailored to suit ages from 8 – 17.

All that is left for you to do, is provide the additional adult supervision required for your activities.

Eco-Friendly Destination

Students will experience ‘off-the-grid’ living while staying at Nukara Farm. Many families are opting to switch to off grid power, removing the shackles of society and giving themselves true freedom in living.

Off-the-grid refers to buildings that are fully autonomous from modern municipal hook-ups and power sources. This refers to providing your own power generation without relying on other sources. Nukara Farm has a range of generators including one which has recently been switched to operate from re-cycled vegetable oil supplied by a local business, ‘Beached Barrel’.

The amenities at Nukara Farm operate from solar panel for hot water and rain water for the bucket showers and flushing toilets. In additional, several water sources can be seen including wells and pumping systems to move water from various locations on the farm. Bucket showers allows guests to take a hot shower, while only using limited water supplies.

Mobile phone service is limited – great plus! While there are areas where phone service is accessible we are pleased that while people experience Nukara Farm, they can’t be continuously distracted by mobile phones.

Last but not least. Our extensive organic orchard includes a large variety of fruit trees, seasonal vegetables and herbs, chooks and ducks to provide the tastiest of eggs.


We completed two days with 80 students per day. I have worked at Nukara for the past two years in collaboration with Nagel. To my mind with YMT over the past five years, Nukara is one of the most unique and special venues that we work at. It is very special to be out to come out in nature and present the message that we are presenting in such a great space and to be looked after so well – I recommend it more than highly.
Dave and his Youth in Motion Team Australia (2019)

This has been a very wonderful experience for me because it is the first camp here for me and I love the food you prepared for us every time and it has some very nice beautiful places.
Teacher’s Assistant, Geraldton Grammar School (2019)

We have been coming here every year with our Year 7’s from Geraldton Grammar School and we will keep coming back because they are simply amazing!
Teacher, Geraldton Grammar School (2019)

Nukara is wonderful because it’s got wonderful people and wonderful things that are all recycled, wonderful campfire, plenty food and unlimited amount of wood you can burn and have a camp fire with marshmallows and pizza. All my students know how much I love the pizza here.
Rahn: Teacher, Geraldton Grammar School (2019)

Treat your children to the Ultimate Bush Camp Experience. Simply contact us on (08) 9920 5015 or email us:

Nukara Farm accepts no responsibility for any injury, illness, loss of life, damage or loss of property that may occur during any activity.

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